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I have secured some relationships with large audio and film companies on both sides of the Atlantic who are eager for material. They are looking for fiction and factual shows and series.

I applaud the resilency of theatre artists who are adapting their talents and stories into audio drama.

Need help? I’m here.

Creativity Coaching is a relatively new field. It’s best when your coach is a working artist with a wealth of global experience. There are no magic answers or formulas. 

But imagine you have a coach who has listened to and worked with creative people for over thirty years. I have the experience to see the big picture and the sensitivity to support you own particular practice. How would that feel? I’ve helped clients to achieve success with projects across the arts.

I’ve been a broadcaster, producing audio for the BBC and NPR since 1990, working out of New York and London. In the last five years, 80% of my work has won international awards. Now in addition to audio and writing, I am coaching. 

I know what it is to work in different capacities: a freelancer, on contract, a full-time producer, and a manager – each has its creative rewards and stresses. I know what it is to run a company, train staff, and pitch for business.

Judeis the brand name of my coaching service. Why?


Jude is my nickname from close friends who’ve used it for many years. I find the androgyny of the name (Jude Law, and Thomas Hardy’s brilliant book, Jude the Obscure) very apt.  I’m not tall, I’m soft-voiced and I’m feminine but I’m also aware of my strength. More than ever, I want to support diverse creative voices, and help those who feel on the outside get heard and be seen.

So the brief, direct name Jude feels right.

My legal name is Judith Ann Kampfner. Judith Kampfner is my professional on-air name.

If you research that name, you’ll find many references to my broadcasting life and achievements.

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