Q: How do I know what service is suited to me?

A: That can be part of our initial consultation

Q: If I'm not in the arts world can I contact you?

Yes. I can help with writing, social media, marketing and time management. 

Q: Are discounts available?

1 Yes, for returning clients.
2 From time to time we also offer Specials. If you are a subscriber you will hear about these.
3 If you recommend someone who signs up, you’ll get a one hour chat for free.

Q: Do you meet in person?

Yes, this is an excellent solution for clients in the New York area. We meet in a venue on the Upper West Side.

Q: Will you come to see a concert/ production/exhibition?

Yes, I’ll come if I can. No additional charges except for a comp ticket.

Q: Can I mix and match email and chat?

Yes, you can create a bespoke package.

Q: Can I split a phone call with a friend?

Yes, this is possible for one call, but it isn’t advisable after that.

Q: Will you give workshops?

Absolutely – for small or large groups. Please email me with details of your request.

Q: If I am not a professional, would I benefit from your coaching?

Yes, if you need help developing your idea for a podcast, setting up your blog, writing articles in any business, or vocal training for speech-making (and much more that falls into the creative realm), I can certainly help.

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To get started, simply email me. I will work with you to create the best plan for you, taking into consideration your time and your budget. 

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