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Anyone can make an initial consultation phone call, you don’t have to be a professional artist. You could be a business leader starting to be a professional blogger or a weekend potter who is proud of how her work is developing despite that family and friends don’t take her work seriously, to a guitarist playing with friends who’d like to know if he’s good enough to write and record his own music and get it mixed in a local studio. 

Working with me

I am a coach, consultant, editor, director or producer. You can choose to talk about general process issues which could include: how to combine your artistic life and a day job, how to prioritize projects, how to inject enthusiasm into work that has been developing over a long period of time, and much more.

Or you might want to talk about specifics. This could include:

  • Revising resumes and cover letters
  • Reviewing and advising on audio and film projects
  • Reading and advising on scripts, stories, novel excerpts etc
  • Editing podcasts
  • Wording of and approach to pitches
  • Consulting on casting
  • Help with auditioning
  • Advice on directing
  • Voice over practice
  • Synopsis and summary writing
  • PR and Marketing your product 


Whatever you want to discuss, general or specific, there are choices you can make about how we work:

For your convenience, PayPal can convert to your chosen currency.

$30 for a 30-minute phone call:
Some coaches call this a directional consult, which is also a good label, because what we are discussing is what you’d like to talk about if we move to the next stage. To get the most out of this, please send one main issue that you want to talk about to: along with the $30 via PayPal.
I’ll email you back and we can make a date.

I’ll send you a questionnaire for you to fill out about your goals and obstacles in your way that you want to work on. That’s what we will focus on as I listen to you describe the kind of support you are looking for. 

After the call, I’ll send you follow up resources.

You may wish to start with individual conversation sessions on an a la carte basis via Skype, Zoom or phone. 

$150 an hour  (payable before the session)

You could choose to purchase a package of 4 hourly conversation sessions (weekly or every other week that’s up to you) 

$400 (to be paid up front). 

At the end of the month, you’ll receive a pdf of information about useful resources and contacts that I have compiled for your needs.

In person hourly sessions in Midtown Manhattan or London (Shoreditch), when available, are booked at $145 an hour. 

Share your ambititons and concerns over a cup of coffee in an upscale beautiful artist’s studio.

A package of in person sessions weekly over a month 

$450 (payable up front)

Or you may prefer to communicate by email only. This method is often a good idea if you find it hard to schedule calls. 

Package for one month of email communication.

 You send me emails and I’ll respond every Friday. I’ll send you information about resources as and when you need it. 

$350 a month (payable up front)

Additional charges are made if there is significant material for me to absorb so that I can respond to your work ahead of our session.

This will be charged in ½ hour increments (Bonus time).

This is applicable to both email and chat sessions.

$45 per half hour.  

Workshops, Seminars & Webinars available upon request.

I welcome request for Talks and Lectures.

Discounts available for referral of new clients, three month packages, and in special circumstances.

You need to take this first step to help me help you!

To get started, simply email me. I will work with you to create the best plan for you, taking into consideration your time and your budget. 

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