Encompassing Creativity:

How to THRIVE as a Freelance Artist

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Sept 21th to October 31st

To sign up for the inaugural course which will be limited to 15 clients, send an email to


The six week course begins on Monday, September 21st. And ends at the end of October.

Cost: $200 OR £150 50% discount for under 30’s and students.


The videos are exclusive. The password will change as soon as you get it.

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Ever want to hear people who make a successful full-time career in the arts talk candidly and explain the how and the why of their success? Want to take a course that does not involve a lot of writing or zoom fatigue?

That will make you explore your feelings about why you create, how you go about marketing, how you pursue your goals and meet challenges?

4 unique films with 4 charismatic artists

Learn how they stoke their passion, pursue self-promotion, confront procrastination and face up to pain!

Honest answers to the tough questions that all creative people grapple with.

This is not a Masterclass, not a Ted talk but four very successful freelance artists talking close up – to YOU! They are self aware, self deprecating and funny.

They speak to you whether you share their art form or not!


I will be there for you throughout the six weeks. You can contact me via email with feedback and questions at any times. I will cheerlead and hand hold where necessary.

Part 1. 
Receive a personalized introduction.
Once a week for 4 weeks I’ll send you a powerful 20-minute video. Together we will review a short questionnaire. In this way you’ll be integrating the messages of the video, how it relates to your work and your creative issues.

Part 2.
One time event – Participate in a 60-minute zoom discussion with the artists who are featured in the videos.

Part 3.
An intensive hour-long call with me (you set the agenda) with follow up emails for 2 weeks to discuss your work challenges and your future. We reflect on your work and your needs and do some afterwork that supports you.

BONUS: I’ll send you a pdf with resources that will be useful to you.

At each stage, you tailor the course to your needs.

I guarantee you’ll get tips about honing your craft, you’ll feel energized and enjoy your work more.


The lineup:

  • Steve Elson – saxophonist A saxophonist who plays jazz and rock who has toured with David Bowie and David Byrne.
  • Gene Pristker – composer A versatile composer who runs his own nonprofit performance art organization and has written 700 compositions that include hip hop and chamber operas.
  • Antu Yacob – actor/ writer An Ethiopian born writer/actor/ voice over artist and teacher who often writes work for her own shows.
  • Ruth Whaley – artist A German/British/American painter who has found commercial success in a second career.

Our videographer is Moti Margolin


Photos on this page from Jude’s new workshop Encompassing Creativity. How to Survive as Thrive as a Freelance Artist!

Write for details.

“Breakthrough! I’d been sitting on a massive collection of tape and a percolating story idea for many years. My very first conversation with Jude was smart and encouraging. A few talks later and I’m pitching major distributors. Jude brought insight, intelligence, creativity and curiosity. She’s a dream come true for this reporter”.

– Laurie Stern. St Paul MN

How to shape your podcast, pitch it and get it made.


Jude has helped many clients who have come with material that has been researched, collected over the years or with a burning idea but can’t figure out how to get it made.

She has contacts with clients who are production houses and knows what they want and how to redesign and sell your material.


This workshop is available for one on one and for groups. 

How to adopt a headlining, writing style for your business.


Jude who has been a reporter and a producer for the BBC and NPR for three decades, also teaches workshops on how to write journalistically.

This has been effective for HR staff, boutique businesses and anyone juggling with how to write so that your message seems unique and gets attention.

This workshop is available for one on one and for groups. 

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To get started, simply email me. I will work with you to create the best plan for you, taking into consideration your time and your budget. 

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